• 12 Jan 2023
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The movement of secure data is a challenge for all organizations. Delphix makes achieving consistent data compliance easy while ADF (Azure Data Factory) enables connecting and moving data seamlessly. Delphix and ADF combine industry-leading compliance and automation offerings to make the delivery of on-demand, compliant data easy for everyone.

By leveraging the data source connectors offered by ADF, Delphix provides two templates that can be used to create ETL pipelines that automate the sensitive data discovery and data masking and deliver that data to a user-specified database/destination.


You must purchase Delphix Continuous Compliance (Azure Marketplace) to use either of the below templates. To receive Delphix support, you must register your engine.

1. Sensitive Data Discovery with Delphix

You can use this template to configure a Delphix Continuous Compliance Engine with what it requires to run sensitive data discovery, also known as profiling. Profiling is the process that identifies columns that may contain sensitive data and assign appropriate algorithms to mask this data. The delivery of on-demand, compliant data from multiple data sources is a challenge that every enterprise is facing today. Identifying where sensitive data resides is a crucial part of this challenge and is addressed by the profiling template.

It is recommended to use this template to identify sensitive data before running the Delphix Continuous Compliance Masking template to mask the sensitive data.

2. Data Masking with Delphix

Use this template to mask sensitive data using Delphix Continuous Compliance and load the compliant (masked) data to Azure Synapse. This template extracts data from a source data store, executes Delphix Masking Job(s) to mask sensitive data in the extract using appropriate algorithms, and then loads the compliant data into the target datastore.

You must apply data-ready rules for regulatory needs like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others and automatically move compliant data from sources like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle EBS to high-value service layers such as Microsoft Synapse. Delphix consistently masks data across data sources, maintaining referential integrity for integrated application testing.

Azure Services Used

  • Logic App
  • Azure Data Factory or Synapse
  • Fileshare
  • Blob Storage


Delphix fully supports this integration. For any questions, bugs, or feature requests create a ticket on Delphix Support or via Delphix Community Portal.

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