• 31 Oct 2022
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SAP teams must access high-quality, compliant data to move to S/4HANA or accelerate key projects. Therefore, they must continuously profile and scramble all of their sensitive data and move it to lower environments for dev/test and QA. Since SAP column/table names are not intuitive, it’s time-consuming to find PII.

Delphix’s Select Connector for SAP (on the Delphix Continuous Compliance platform) allows you to leverage relevant, fresh, and consistently scrambled data with referential integrity across all SAP and non-SAP environments and sources to meet ever-changing compliance and security requirements while accelerating development.

Delphix’s Select Connector for SAP also includes SAP Compliance Accelerator that accelerates the Continuous Compliance setup for the most commonly used SAP modules, resulting in a much faster time to mask your SAP data.

Support Matrix

In Place Masking ModeAvailableAvailable
Batch UpdateAvailableAvailable
Drop IndexesAvailableUnavailable
Disable TriggerAvailableUnavailable
Disable ConstraintAvailableUnavailable
Identify Column SupportAvailableUnavailable
On The Fly Masking ModeAvailableAvailable

Drop Indexes, Disable Trigger, Disable Constraint, and Identity Column Support are not supported natively while masking HANA.
Use pre/post scripts if you want to use these features.

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